PHP & MYSQL Course Contents:-

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

  • Introduction to HTML
  •  Basic structure of HTML
  •  Formatting tags in HTML
  •  Working with Table Tags


  •  Introduction to PHPScript
  • Looping statement in PHPScript
  • Working with Predefined functions
  • Maintaining Validations in PHPScript
  • Working with Different types of Mouse Events


  •  PHP's role in the WWW
  •  Language fundamentals
  •  PHP Basics
  •  Variable rules
  •  Storing & retrieving information in variables
  •  Decision making in PHP
  •  Comparison operators
  •  The if construct
  •  The while construct
  •  The for construct
  •  Working with arrays
  •  Functions
  •  Declaring functions
  •  Passing data by reference
  •  Variable scope in PHP
  •  Working with web form
  •  PHP POST & GET form elements
  •  Embedding forms with PHP code
  •  Validating form data
  •  Guidelines for secure PHP
  •  Understanding magic quotes
  •  Setting default values in forms
  •  Processing uploaded files
  •  Retrieving uploaded files
  •  PHP session handling
  •  PHP cookie handling
  •  Handling date & time
  •  Working with files in PHP
  •  Reading & writing files with PHP
  •  Handling errors


  • A brief history of databases
  • Relational database concepts
  • Database tables
  • MySQL Data types
  • Introduction to P HPMyadmin
  • Creating and Checking Tables
  • Auto_increment and Primary Keys
  • Inserting Values into Tables

Mini Project with PHP and MySQL

  • Creation of database and required tables using PHPMyadmin.
  • Creation of required templates, pages and managing site using IDE Dreamweaver.
  • Keeping structure, style and behavior of created pages apart.
  • Creating login and logout pages for maintaining sessions.
  • Creating forms to insert data into address book-personal details, imageetc.
  • Creating page to view the data from address book.
  • Adding PHPScript for form validation.
  • Adding server side validation.
  • Adding mouse events like mouseout and mouseover dynamically.
  • Creating page to edit or delete the records in the address book.
  • Creating page to enable searching the address book.

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