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Training On Android

Why Android

Why you should become an Android Developer 

Smart Phones with android platform are growing rapidly in the global market. It is doing a steady business to compete the apple devices. Due to the high accession of such an advanced platform, android developers are on high need. These developers are being offered ample salary packages by various IT companies. Career as an Android developer is promising and exciting.

What you can do with the Android 6 Month Industrial Training course:
  • Access in-depth, hands-on training for Android App Development Programming.
  • Learn from certified Tutors with industry experience.
  • Get help from trained developers with years of experience in Java or C++ whenever you face a coding issue or need to understand a concept better.
  • Test your applications on original Android devices.
  • Become full fledged android app developer with the ability to build an android app from scratch.
  • Expect attractive job offers to come pouring in!

Work on Live Projects!

Focus on Lab work rather than theoretical and work on Live Projects. You actually get to build your first ever Android app in the course!

Training for Placements

  • Training on soft skills 
  • etiquette and effective communication. 
  • Group Discussions, 
  • Psychometric Reasoning & Aptitude Test Preparation
  • Computer Language Specific Test Preparation and Mock Interviews 
  • Free Professional Resume and Professional Profile online.

Android Training Course Curriculum :

  • Java/Core java OOPS concept
  • Brief Introduction to OOP
  • Classes
  • Objects
  • Methods
  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism

Module 1.   Android Overview
v What is Android
v Features Of Android
v Version History Of Android
Software Installation
Setup Java Development Kit (JDK)
Setup Android SDK
Set Up Eclipse IDE
v    Set Up Android Development Tool (ADT) Plug In
v    Create Android Virtual Device

Module 2.  Android Architecture

v    Application Framework
v    Libraries
Android Runtime
v    Linux Kernel

Module 3.  Application Components



  •     Broadcast Recievers
  •     Content Provider
  •     Additional Components

Module 4.  Android Hello World Example

v    Create Android Application
Anatomy of Android Application
  •     The Main Activity File
  •     The Manifest File
  •     The Strings File
  •     The R File
The Layout File
Running the Application
Organize Resources
Alternative Resources

Module 5.  Accessing Resources

Accessing Resources in Code
Accessing Resources in XML

Module 6.  Android Activities Life Cycle

v    OnCreate() ---------Created
OnStart() -----------Started----Restart
v    OnPause() --------Paused----
OnStop() ---------Stoped---Restart
v    OnDestroy------Destroyed
Example On Activity Life Cycle
Check In Log-cat Window--Process

Module 7.  Android Services

Call To Start Service
Call To Bind Service

Module 8.  Android Broadcast Services

Creating Broadcast Receiver
Registering Broadcast Receiver
Broadcasting Custom Intents

Module 9.  Android Content Provider

Content URIS
Create Content Provider

Module 10.  Android Fragments

About Android Fragments
Fragment Life Cycle
How to Use Fragments
v    Example Of Fragments

Module 11.  Android Intents and Filters

v    About Intents and Filters

  •     Intent Objects
  •     Types Of Intents
 Example Of Intents and Intent Filter

Module 12. Android UI Layouts

Android Layouts Types
Linear Layouts
Relative Layouts
Table Layouts
Absolute Layouts
Frame Layouts
v    List View
Grid View
Layouts Attributes
View Identification

Module 13.  Android UI Controls

Text View
Edit Text
v   Auto Complete Text View
  •     Image Button
  •     Check Box
  •     Toggle Button
  •     Radio Button
Radio Group
Progress Bar
v    Spinner
Time Picker Date Picker
Create UI Controls

Module 14.   Android Event Handling

Event Listeners
Event Listeners Registration
Event Handler
Event Handling Example

Module 15.   Android Styles And Themes

Defining Styles
Using Styles
Style Inheritance
Android Themes
Default Styles and Themes

Module 16.   Android Custom Components

Creating a Simple Custom Component
Instantiate Using Code Inside Activity Class
Instantiate Using Layouts XML File
Custom Components with Custom Attributes

Module 17.  Android Drag Drop

v Android Drag Drop Process

  •     Started
  •     Continuing
  •     Dropped
  •     Ended
The Drag Event Class
Listening For Drag Event
Starting A Drag Event
v    Example

Module 18. Android Notifications

 Create and Send Notifications
 Create Notification Builder Setting Notification Properties
 Attach Actions

Issue The Notification
The Notification Compact.Builder Class
Example Of Notifications.
Big View Notification

Module 19. Android Location Based Services

The Location Object
How Get The Current Location
Get Updated Location
v    Location Quality Of Service
Displaying A Location Address
Install The Google Play Services SDK
Create Android Application

Module 20.  Android Sending Email

Intent Object- Action To Send Email
Intent Object-Data/Type To Send Email
Intent Object-Extra To Send Email
Example Of Android Sending Email

Module 21.  Android Sending SMS

Using SMS Manager to Send SMS
Example Of SMS Manager To Send SMS
Using Built In Intent to Send SMS
Intent Object Action to Send SMS
Intent Object Data/Type To Send SMS
Intent Object Extra to Send SMS
Example For These

Module 22. Android Phone Calls

Intent Object - Action To Make A Phone Call
v    Intent Object - Data/Type to make a Phone Call
v    Example of This.
Device Connectivity

All Latest Updates In Android Apps Development Also
Consider During Training
  •     Testing,Signing and Publishing your Application
  •     Test our application
  •     Signing Certificate and API Key
  •     Creating and attaching an icon and Label
  •     Signing the application
  •     Version-ing  your application
  •      Publishing in the Android Market.

    Android Training Course Certification
  • Training + Project Certificate by Rankers Solution Pvt. Ltd.
  • Android Trainee Associates Experience Certificate by Rankers Solution Pvt. Ltd.
  • Placement opportunity with Rankers Solution Pvt. Ltd.: We will hire you if you are an outstanding student!
  • Innovative Training From Certified Trainers.

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